Monday 17 November 2014

Re: Villa Sarabel promoting Blue Bay Mauritius around the world.

Blue Bay Mauritius – November 16, 2014 – Villa Sarabel (  in Blue Bay Mauritius has realized that the  unique beach of Blue Bay is often an unknown beach to many.  Villa Sarabel  is actually located only few minutes walk from the beach of Blue Bay.  As such the Villa has decided to promote this beach as an environmentally sound beach where people from around the world including Mauritians can actually enjoy the natural beauties of the tropical island of Mauritius.
Blue Bay beach is the only protected recognized marine park in Mauritius.  Its marine life has actually soared after the lagoon was named a natural reserve.  The beach gets its name from different blue of its waters during the day.  Located near the city of Mahebourg, Blue Bay unlike most other beautiful beaches in Mauritius is not polluted by massive development.  Except for Sundays, the beach is actually not crowded during and a delight for those who like a peaceful white sand beach.  Its natural coral reefs and the island of Ile aux Deux Cocos makes it a safe lagoon with no tidal waves and no dangerous animals.  Just like a huge swimming pool, Blue Bay sea waters rest in a calm with beauty.

Blue bay is also home to many skippers with “glass bottom boats” where patrons can actually discover a beautiful blue lagoon.  One can benefit from many water activities in Bay Bay Mauritius including swimming, diving and other water  sports.  But the beauty of Blue Bay is linked to its coral reefs and the famous island Ile aux Deux Cocos which make the lagoon a peaceful and protected area.

In 2013, the villa launched a facebook page and within one year the active page has gathered more than 13000 recommendations and is reviewed as a 4.6 over 5 rating by Facebook.  This page shows the appreciation of Blue and its beach.  Now the Villa Sarabel wants to go further and invite small businesses and the people around the world to join us to not only promote their businesses in Blue Bay Mauritius but also to promote Blue Bay as one of the best destinations on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

For more information on this endeavor, please call (230) 5977 5977 or email us at


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